Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Best Minecraft Animated Gifs Ever

Welcome to 1998! Animated GIFs are BACK baby. Enjoy.

The sound of TNT exploding

An arrow to the knee arm

Creeper Animation

Who said Notch was lazy?
Happy mobs

The Minecraft Band

Revenge on the Creeper

Monday, 23 July 2012

101 Things to Build in Minecraft

  1. A TNT-powered re-enactment of Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
  2. A giant snickers bar full of bacon
  3. A working guillotine that chops down and destroys anything in its path
  4. A 15,000:1 scale model of Sarah Palin
  5. A working guillotine that chops down and decapitates a 15,000:1 scale model of Sarah Palin
  6. A huge Terminator skeleton with glowing redstone eyes
  7. A ramp that can fire pigs in wheelchairs into the sea
  8. A chicken cannon
  9. A boat that can rescue pigs from the sea
  10. The Great Wall of China MADE WITH SAND
  11. Hadrian's Wall made with DIAMONDS
  12. An obsidian (non-stick) frying pan that cooks anything in it
  13. A gigantic golf course complete with giant bunkers of sand, green fairways and a huge hole that leads down into hell. Because golfers deserve to go to hell, right?
  14. A giant keyboard that plays notes when stepped on
  15. A giant guitar amp that fires pigs from the speaker conewhen the volume is on 11
  16. A stairway to heaven
  17. A Tardis that can actually travel
  18. The ship Nostromo from Alien
  19. A working calculator
  20. A giant drawbridge to your castle
  21. The moon landings
  22. The Batman symbol
  23.  The Titanic, after it hit the ice
  24. A sign with something actually amusing on it
  25. An working iPad, with a browser that just shows Notch spinning in a chair. Ok, that might be a stretch.
  26. A clock powered with redstone that shows the time in the major capitals of the world
  27. A clock powered with redstone that shows the wrong timee in the major capitals of the world - just to fuck with visitors
  28. A gladitorial arena replete with wolves and pigs
  29. The White House
  30. The Taj Mahal
  31. Bin Laden's bunker
  32. Elaborate signs and directions that lead nowhere - another visitor mindfuck
  33. A giant "TREASURE HERE" sign, pointing down to an x in the ground which has absolutely nothing hidden there
  34. A secret room under an elaborate mansion that contains absolutely nothing of value, except some bacon
  35. A light house beacon, powered by redstone
  36. A floating light house beacon nowhere near any land at all
  37. A statue of Notch. Actually fuck that. A statue of Jeb.
  38. A recreation of your own personal home
  39. Your own place of education and/or work populated by zombies
  40. A maze that is impossible to actually complete because you can't be assed making an actually good maze
  41. A sports stadium e.g. the bird's nest from the 2008 Olympics
  42. A ballroom, with wooden floors and galleries populated by cows and zombies
  43. A giant lactating cow
  44. Ask someone in Second Life what they would build. Don't build that, it's probably a dick
  45. A skating rink
  46. The Blackpool Tower
  47. The Eiffel Tower
  48. Statue of Liberty
  49. A vast statue of JC Denton after he's lost all the health in his legs e.g.
  50. The underground zombie tunnels from Dead Rising
  51. Fuck it, the entire mall from Dead Rising
  52. Mel Gibson on a huge cross, suffering
  53. A water elevator
  54. A working train
  55. Anything form
  56. A grave yard
  57. The prison from Shutter Island, with zombie prisoners
  58. The Hubble Space Telescope
  59. Joddrell Bank
  60. This one is stolen:
    spawn inside a sparse padded room with an unopenable iron door at one end and a wooden door leading to their world on the other, with scrawled messages on the wall imploring themselves to remember their medecine and the door was a lie and the castle and the lake weren't real. The implication being that they were actually a patient in an asylum who would be cured if they stopped losing themselves to an imaginary world of mining and creation
  61. A full-scale model of the ship "Serenity" from Firefly
  62. An arcology from Sim City
  63. A full scale Imperial Destroyer
  64. Monaco race track
  65. The Pentagon. All of it.
  66. A redstone lab
  67. A diamond penthouse
  68. The Las Vegas strip
  69. The Ring of Halo from Halo
  70. Mount Rushmore
  71. Mount Everest
  72. Tower Bridge
  73. A Viking ship
  74. The Death Star
  75. Castle Greyskull
  76. Optimus Prime (or any of your other shitty childhood nostalgia jerkoffs)
  77. A fire truck that shoots water at pigs
  78. A police van full of pigs
  79. A mob spawner tower
  80. A mob grinder
  81. A wishing well
  82. A floating castle in the sky
  83. A metro system connecting all the parts of your world
  84. A Theme Park, with rollercoasters
  85. A water park, with lava instead of water
  86. The island from Lost complete with a cage containing all the writers that regularly pours in hot lava. Because, you know, Lost was a huge piece of pointless shit.
  87. The Wall from Game of Thrones
  88. A spiral tower made of cobblestone
  89. A huge pixel Mario like so:

  90. An underwater ice (diamond) castle
  91. The Guggenheim
  92. An archery range that gives rewards for good shots
  93. The great barrier reef
  94. Make a redstone music box
  95. A piston-driven panic room, with hidden door
  96. A gigantic creeper made out of TNT
  97. A fully working volcano, on a timer, that goes off every X
  98. A zoo, complete with aggressive animals
  99. An ancient Roman Colosseum, aqueduct and gladiator pits. With wolves. And chickens.
  100. An obsidian generator
  101.  Dungeon Keeper 3